“All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”
― Sir Walter Scott



  • Middle School Math
  • High School Math
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We’ve heard all about how hard & rewarding homeschooling is. Parents are often quick to say they’re glad they chose to homeschool. They tell us their kiddo is making a lot of progress. But the most common thing we hear is that math is the trickiest subject to teach. 

Parents tell us that they have been trying to look up and research algebra topics on KhanAcademy. But this is time-consuming and frustrating. And for some reason—they tell us—whenever they sit down and actually try to teach their kid some math, things just don’t go well. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. And most parents tell us once things started getting into middle or high school math is when they wanted to bring on an expert to teach their kid math. 

We get that! We hear where you are coming from. And it actually makes sense. This is really normal. Almost all homeschool families struggle with. Some just don’t seek help for it. 

But we are here to help and support you. We are happy to offer you a completely free math tutoring session. This isn’t a “consultation” or “sales pitch.” We will send our an actual skilled math tutor to your home. He or she will help your child and do some analysis to see where your student is at. This helps us understand exactly what sort of “class or subject placement” your kid needs. Having this information will allow us to design a custom homeschool math tutoring program for your student.

These programs can be of varying depth. Some families simply want 1-2 hours per week of tutoring. This help boosts a student’s understanding and gets their learning on the right track. However, other families might ask for a more in-depth program. We can create custom courses or assist in setting up entire algebra or pre-calc classes for your child. 

We are happy to help. But before we bill you — try a free session on us. 🙂