The Top 15 High Schools In Austin, Texas


This array of schools collect and display a diverse embodiment of academic integrity, stellar staff, diversity & inclusion, and extracurricular opportunities for their student bodies.


While all stages of education are important, high school might just be the most pivotal.

High School sets a student up for the path to their adult life, whatever that may entail. It’s essential to give these growing young adults all the resources and opportunities to explore all the big possibilities their future holds. Many of these stellar schools are dispersed throughout the entire country; they all have a unique take on education heavily based upon the state they exist in. 


There are bigger, higher populated states such as Texas that take this principle on head first. While infamous for its big attitude and rich history, Texas is also home to an array of vibrant metropolitan areas perfect to raise a growing family.


The capital, Austin, is one of those amazing cities able to cater to a wide collection of tastes and needs. The city exudes a strong sense of community through tight-knit neighborhoods, much of which are filled by the amazing schools within them. If you’re looking to relocate into or within the Lone Star state, or you’re just curious about what makes a high school the best it could be… look no further.


Here are the best 15 High Schools located in Austin, Texas!


  1. Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA): It’s fitting that this magnet school’s mantra is “sapere aude- dare to think”. Not only do they offer varying levels of difficulty within the core curriculum, but lots of electives so their students can really embrace their well-roundedness! Their mission is to provide a rigorous educational environment that evolves alongside the development of our nation.
  2. Westlake High School: This comprehensive four-year high school is designed to bring out the best in their student body. They boast impressive numbers exemplary of their promise; they’re regularly acknowledged by National Merit Scholarship Programs. In fact, 128 of their pupils were recognized by the organization this year!
  3. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School: This private boarding & day school strives to create a love for learning and all the opportunities to follow. They take the time and care to constitute an environment for all their students, especially the Upper School (grades 9-12). The combination of a rigorous course schedule with extracurriculars and study time (and on-campus boarding) really accentuates a real-life scenario many of the student body will encounter going forward in their academic pursuits!
  4. Austin High School: The Home of the Maroons is a great support system for young minds! They have very detailed education but strive to provide all sorts of academic support for the multiple situations their students encounter on a daily basis. In light of COVD-19, they also install precautions to preserve the safety and success of their student body.
  5. Headwaters School: Headwaters ensures nothing but their best interest in those who go there. They go above and beyond for every stage of education! One of their most outstanding characteristics is the high school’s International Baccalaureate Program for grades 11 and 12 designed to prepare them for real world experience!
  6. Crockett Early College High School: This institution is great for so many kinds of learners! This school has a core curriculum alongside programs such as AVID, a Gifted and Talented Program, and many Career & Technical routes for those with particular passions! 
  7. Atkins Early College High School: Much like Crockett, Atkins offers a plethora of specialized technical programs aside from their traditional education program. A bonus feature of their curriculum is summertime opportunities such as camps and a Credit Recovery program!
  8. Hyde Park High School: This private Christian school is great for those who want to align their faith with their schooling. They converge spiritual learnings and practices with everyday education so their students can explore external interests just as much as their internal belief systems!
  9. Garza Independence High School: Garza is a wonderful choice due to their dedication towards implementing practices for at-risk students in need of educational resources. One of their most outstanding signature curriculums is the Social and Emotional Program designed to help children and adults develop fundamental skills for life readiness.
  10. University of Texas at Austin High School: What makes this school so special? Their accessibility! UT High School is a public institution that offers virtual programs to support all students and staff throughout the state of Texas and the country! Students can enroll full time or part time in conjunction with their other school enrollments.
  11. Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders:  This is a public all-girls school inspired by the 45th Governor of Texas and fervent feminist Ann Richards. They focus on project-based learning as well as college readiness to provide economically disadvantaged young ladies a chance at nourishing their brilliant minds. 
  12. St. Austin Catholic School: This private religious school catered to PreK3-8th grade is located in the heart of the Austin area. They have a Whole Child Initiative that converges the Catholic faith with strong academic integrity to not only provide diverse education but proper skills for emotion regulation, stress management, & relationship building for the real world. 
  13. IDEA Montopolis College Preparatory School: Their college readiness curriculum is very proactive and really thinks about the future of their student body! They incorporate remedial courses into the curriculum so students have more time in college to focus on what they’re really passionate about. 
  14. Chaparral Star Academy: This open enrollment public charter school compacts a very vigorous college readiness program all in the span of four hours! They aim to maximize a student’s schedule to allot more time for extracurriculars. There’s a Morning session option as well as an Afternoon option! 
  15. Meridian World School: As a public, tuition-free charter school funded by state & federal income, Meridian invests in the student body beyond academics. Some special features of this institution include outdoor classroom space, natural playscapes, and sustainable practices so students can be encouraged to tune into their surroundings and recharge for optimal performance.


Be sure to check out all of these school’s websites for specifics on their personal missions, visions, and academic structures to craft them!

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