Need a new place to visit, or looking to relocate? The capital of Texas has just about everything you could want.

Big land, even bigger personality. Located in the Southern Central region of the United States is Texas, also known as the Lone Star state. Known for its history, diversity, and fiery flare on just about everything, Texas has become quite a popular place to reside. Families and young people alike have been flocking to Texas to get a taste of its exciting persona. 


A STAR Spot To Be

Texas has become a harmonious melting pot of so many cultures. 

Because of its rich history as a state, it’s become home to many unique lifestyles and demographics, ranging from family units to young professionals to Texas natives of the sort. It has both larger and smaller communities to pick from, but one of the most popular and most-visited cities is its capital: Austin!

Austin is one of the top urban locations to reside and visit, here’s what YOU need to know about the city and alllll it has to offer.


Let’s Get DOWN To It

Like all major cities, Austin has a downtown area. Needless to say, it’s probably their hottest spots to visit, enjoy, even live. Downtown Austin represents Texan history, vibrant nightlife, and it’s got lots of enthralling entertainment! 

Because of its downtown-esque qualities, living in downtown Austin creates a convenience and efficiency like no other. There’s public transportation to utilize, places accessible through a leisurely walk, and an array of living options! Many young professionals reside downtown, given the proximity to many businesses as well as its engaging social scene. However, there are families who do reside there as well!

If you’re someone raising a family and education is your priority, not to worry; there are many educational avenues to take! Some of the top rated public schools accessible to downtown Austin include: Liberal Arts & Science Academy, Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Forest Trail Elementary School, and Matthews Elementary School. If you’re desiring a private institution, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and St. Stephen’s Episcopal School are renowned places to send your children to learn.

Want to take a peek into how the Lone Star state came to be what it is today? Check out the late 19th-century architecture epitomized by popular landmarks such as the State Capitol Building and the Driskill Hotel. Even though they are direct representations of Texas’ evolution, downtown Austin also provides more modern museums that are just as engaging.

What would downtown be without some amazing dining options? Texas has always been such a dynamic food and drink scene, and you can find something for everybody! Some crowd favorites include the Upstairs Circus, Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ, Container Bar, and Texas Chili Parlor.

Beyond the typical amenities a city provides, there are very fun things to do when you’re looking to explore what Austin has to offer!


What’s A Person To Do?

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk: Take a stroll, bike ride, or visit any of the restaurants on this boardwalk! There’s a very popular 3-mile loop that starts at the Austin High pedestrian bridge, but the boardwalk technically begins near the Austin-American Statesman on East Riverside. You can check out a map of the boardwalk here!

SFC Farmers Market: The Sustainable Food Center hosts a farmer’s market every Saturday featuring lots of vendors, live music, and activities! Everything is 100% local, showcasing pride and appreciation for the many that populate Austin with their hard work and talent. And the best part? They’re open year round!

Austin Duck Adventure: Known as the ORIGINAL Austin tour, this is an amphibious tour of the city of Austin. Take a trip on this Hydra Terra vehicle and experience both downtown Austin AND Austin Lake! You can even schedule for a large group or party!

Rainey Street: Despite the urban energy and closeness to major highways, Rainey Street is a quaint area full of entertainment and fun. They renovated houses into bungalows for bars and food of the sort. However, they also do feature live music as well as a wide variety of art to preserve and showcase the Latin culture.

 Esther’s Follies: Looking for a laugh? Esther’s is home to award-winning comedy troupe. They perform comedy, magic, and music too! It has been the most celebrated comedy troupe in Texas for nearly forty years! 

The Contemporary Austin: Don’t worry, we weren’t gonna gatekeep the modern art magic Austin holds. This museum has so many exhibits to experience and appreciate! They’re so passionate about the expression of art and creativity, they even have K-12 programs and an art school to attend!

Museum of The Weird: Another wonderful museum Austin offers is this collection of world’s strangest attractions! It’s located right on Sixth Street, a historically rich and incredibly popular street to visit right in downtown Austin! 


Inquiring For A New Home OR Place To Visit?

If you want to learn more about Austin’s potential to be your next home, check out the Downtown Alliance website for all their amazing initiatives for the city! You can also research real estate.

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