For many families in Austin, getting their child into LASA High School is a top priority. LASA stands for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy. It is an extremely selective high school located in Austin Texas. It is a public school with about 1300 students. It’s an urban school and falls within the AISD school district. The goal of the school is to create young leaders and problem solvers. But getting your student into LASA is no easy task. Families spend thousands of dollars preparing for their student’s application to LASA.

About The Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy

There are a few important things to note about LASA. It is open to Austin residents and does not charge any tuition.

LASA is known for its academics and student clubs.

The Curriculum

The curriculum at NASA is considered to be tough. Three years of a foreign language is required. You will be please to know that LASA offers eight different foreign languages for students to chose from. The school requires four years of English. Additionally, students must take four year of math! This we love! But it’s the elective courses at LASA that are truly remarkable. LASA offers elective courses for students including offerings in creative writing, forensic science, amateur radio, and “how to be an adult.”

Student Clubs & Organizations

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy is also famous for its great student clubs. These clubs are great. They really set the bar high. Some of the most beloved clubs are the Debate Team and Quiz Bowl. The debate team is nationally ranked. And the Quiz Bowl team, no slouch itself, has won multiple national championships. Can you see why so many parents want to their kids to go to school here? I’m already thinking about how I can get my future children into this school! It’s awesome.

LASA Rankings

LASA is ranked the best school in Austin and is widely considered to be one of the best schools in Texas. It is also highly ranked nationally. Often it is considered to be one of the top 10 best public high schools in the nation. With all this said, the school is known to be extremely competitive. But we can definitely give you some tips!

Getting Into LASA

Earning a coveted acceptance to LASA is not easy. Applications are open to all students who reside in Austin. But the school requires students to submit their prior academic record along with taking a Cognitive Abilities Test (known as CogAT). You can read a little more about the CogAT test if you’re interested.

We generally recommend that you start preparing your student for LASA High School early. Normally we suggest parents should be thinking about this at the beginning of middle school. It’s very important t make sure that your kids are earning strong grades in all of their courses because it has been said that LASA places significance importance on the academic record of students who are applying. We also encourage students to be active and engaged with their middle school. This can take the form of band, sports, debate, or school government. We like to encourage students to have at least one club or sport where they can demonstrate a deep and committed involvement spanning many years.  It is helpful if this activity is also offered at LASA! Then your child can write about how that club is important to them—and how that’s one reason they really want to attend LASA High School.

When it comes to academics, we think that all areas on your student’s application should be strong. For example, they shouldn’t only have strong English grades but weak mathematics grades. This does not reflect well on your student. They need to be well-rounded, possibly with 1-2 subject areas that they are super interested in. If your child is doing poorly in one area, we highly recommend that you find a tutor. Many times students need to find a math tutor because their grades are just too low. At Math Tutor Austin, we can help your child raise their mathematics grades and improve their understanding of every level of math. This will show up on test scores and help your child improve their grades.

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