Need A Pick Me Up? Here Are 7 of the Best Taco Trucks and Coffee Joints in Austin, TX


A big city with a big attitude, but an even bigger appetite. If you’re craving some authentic Mexican cuisine, or a delicious dose of caffeine, then these joints are for you!


It’s no secret that Texas is home to a melting pot of delicious, satiating, and diverse foods inspired by various areas of the world. No matter where you go, rural or urban, there’s something new and intriguing to try.


But of course, like any other state in America, there are staples to their cuisine with a unique flare. Texas is very well known for having an array of Mexican-oriented food establishments with very special one-of-a-kind location options… food trucks!


Food trucks have become increasingly popular within the last few years for their easy accessibility for a stellar meal. Not only are they great for casual day-to-day life, but they make for awesome catering choices!


Texas, Austin in particular, has many food trucks dispersed throughout the area. They’re extremely popular since the city has a higher population, perfect for convenient and quick pick-me-ups during busy workdays. 


Two of their top-notch areas of food are tacos and coffee. Both are universal crowd favorites malleable in flavor and style for every kind of taste there is! 


No matter where you’re from, you’re sure to find cool and delicious takes on your go-to foods and beverages, especially in a place like Austin where the passion for a good dining experience is just as big as the city’s vibrant personality.


Below are the Top 7 Taco Trucks and Coffee Joints located in Austin, Texas! 


  1. Radio Coffee and Beer: This is for SURE a crowd pleaser because they offer both coffee AND tacos! While there’s a wide variety of coffee, cocktails, and beer options for Happy Hour, this shop teams up with Veracruz Natural to provide yummy tacos for those looking to get a bite as well as a drink!
  2. Top Taco: They offer a restaurant option, but the food truck is where it’s at! Top Taco has a wide variety of options for all tastes, including breakfast tacos! Not only that, but they have a Special of the Day so there’s always a different and fresh option for regulars to try!
  3. Idlewild Coffee: This local business located downtown has all the traditional styles of coffee you can imagine, but they also provide a niche food menu and other drinks like smoothies! The staff is also a perfect embodiment of Austin with a great attitude! 
  4. Pueblo Viejo: PV’s trucks offer just as much variety as their restaurant locations. They include more than just great tacos on their menu such as Gorditas and a variety of traditional Mexican dishes! They’re committed to providing freshness and a genuine taste of Mexican cuisine with their dining experiences.
  5. Austin Grind: Once known as “It’s A Grind”, this independently owned shop is the epitome of a neighborhood coffee joint! Much like bigger chains, they do provide an easy and convenient drive-thru option for those in a rush. They have lots of frozen AND hot options to satisfy every sweet tooth imaginable. They now stock their fridges with ice cream!
  6. Pepe’s Taco: Pepe’s has been perfecting Birria style Mexican food and they’ve nailed it! Birria is a traditional Mexican soup or stew made from robust flavors, but primarily dried chili peppers. Pepe’s menu includes Birria in almost every dish to ensure the trademark flavor is in every option for all the varying customers!
  7. Granny’s Tacos: Granny’s is for sure a crowd pleaser with the numerous kinds of yummy food they offer! There are lots of vegetarian options as well as food aside from tacos such as quesadillas, bowls, torta, etc. The tiny truck is usually hidden behind a long line!


The next time you’re exploring all the amazing opportunities that Austin has to offer, check out any of these options to see what kind of new twists on your faves that these establishments have to offer!


Be sure to check out all their websites for full menus, online ordering, their unique stories, and location options!

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