Systems of Equations

We hear you. These can be tough! But keep your head up and we will walk you through the basics here. Ok—first off. Remember everything we taught you in the last free algebra resource about linear equations? Good! Glad you remember. (If not, we recommend checking back there). Because “systems of equations” are simply two linear equations stacked on top of each other. 

Key Terms

Linear Equation – please see our free resource we created on this

Multiple Variables – for example: 3p + x (having more than one variable in each equation)


Okay. Let’s make this easy! Remember the example we used in linear equations? We are going to start with that same example and build from there. We want our lessons to stack together yet also operate and function independently from one another. Therefore, these articles stand alone. And you don’t have to be familiar with the previous articles we have written. 

3p = 6

Ok. Remember how we said that systems of equations are just multiple linear equations (each with 2+ variables)? So let’s just add one more variable to our first example, and also one more linear equation…

3p + x = 6

2p – x = 2 

Important Rules

Just like linear equations, the system of linear equations lesson also has a few important rules we encourage you to remember!