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Thanks for your interest in Math Tutor Austin! We are the founders, Eric and Andy. We are brothers from Portland, Oregon, and math has had a huge impact on both of our lives. Eric spent many years thinking he wasn’t good at science. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he realized his problem was actually math, not science. He started studying math with a tutor and soon was able to master all of the other sciences. Andy is a math nerd who spent years working as a research psychologist where his job was to perform studies and analyze data. Together, we founded Math Tutor Austin.

Eric ran a tutoring company in Portland for many years, and Andy hosts a podcast for parents of teenagers. We are passionate about education and about math, and we love being able to share our excitement about the subject with kids!


Eric Earle

Head of Operations

During a volunteer trip at a neurology clinic in a small town high in the Himalayan mountains in Northern India, Eric had an epiphany that would change his life forever. Suddenly, he realized he wanted to become a doctor and he set his sights on gaining admission to medical school. The only problem was, he’d never taken any of the premedical classes, and he didn’t like science. He determined to work with a tutor, start in the most basic math and science classes, and work his way up slowly. Today, Eric is well on his way to becoming a doctor and he has a deep appreciation for the power of tutoring to change people’s lives.

His experiences led him to open a tutoring company in Portland, which he ran for five years before coming here with Math Tutor Austin. Eric is determined to help other children and young adults discover their hidden abilities by mastering the fundamentals of math.


Andy Earle

Marketing and Content

After writing for various blogs over the years, Andy has always wanted to do a project with his brother. His interest in education has led him from academic research to podcasting to writing self-help books. He is the host of Talking to Teens, where he interviews leading authors about how to handle difficult teenagers. He also runs a ghostwriting company, where he writes informational articles and books for a general audience. He’s excited to be working with his brother to produce the Math Tutor Austin blog and website.

Math and statistics have given Andy a deeper appreciation for how things work, and he loves to pass this perspective on to others through math education. When he isn’t doing math or teaching math, Andy can be found traveling and exploring different countries.