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Does your student always seem to be in a bad mood around homework time? Or do you get in fights with your child about their missing assignments? Or maybe you have a student who shuts down and won’t talk to you about their homework at all? These are classic signs that your student is struggling with math.

Math is the most common topic that students have trouble with. It’s sad because a solid foundation in numbers is critical for success in the chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and even the social sciences. If your student falls behind in math it can be very difficult to catch up. This causes many students to give up on school or to declare that they “don’t like math.” 

The worst thing about struggling with math is that it can make students start to think they aren’t smart, or they aren’t cut out for careers in STEM fields. But the reality is math skills can be taught and learned by anyone, regardless of intelligence. And once students develop proficiency in mathematics, it changes their entire academic lives for the better.

Thankfully, your child has a parent who cares deeply about their future and understands the critical importance of math education (that’s you!). And you’ve found us. We’re the math education experts here at Math Tutor Austin.

Together, we can get your student through the road bumps and turn them into a math star.

Studies show that just one caring adult can make a huge difference in the path a child takes through life. Sometimes as a parent it can seem like you work so hard and you’re not getting anywhere. But stick with it. You are making a difference. We salute you.

Math Tutor Austin was founded by two brothers, Eric and Andy, with a passion for education. After running a tutoring company in Portland for many years we realized math is the key to the majority of learning problems. We saw that once students gain a strong foundation in mathematics they excel in other subjects as well. And they gain confidence in their intelligence and abilities.

When we came to Austin, Texas, we wanted to start something focused specifically on math. We believe it’s better to do one thing exceptionally well than to attempt to do everything. And we’ve seen first-hand the impact math skills can have on kids. So Math Tutor Austin was born and we’ve never looked back.

Today we have an amazing team of local math tutors right here in the Austin area. If you live nearby and you have a student who is struggling with math, we want to help! 





This is the most common subject in math where students get stuck. We specialize in helping kids through the drama of algebra 1 and 2.


Applying numbers to shapes can be a big leap for some people. Our math tutors have a lot of experience teaching geometry.


We also tutor a lot of students who are having trouble with pre-calc. The combination of both trig and mathematical analysis makes this course tough.


Many students need a push to get through the accelerated middle school math curriculum, which includes compound fractions.




If we can’t improve your child’s math grade after working with them three times a week for 90 days or more, then the tutoring is free. 

We believe very deeply in our mathematics tutoring. We also believe that offer customer-friendly return policies is just the right thing to do. We wanted to make it easy and stress-free to get mathematics tutoring. We don’t believe that families should have to take on the risk.

If you enroll in our Platinum mathematics tutoring membership and attend all 3 weekly sessions for 3 months… and your child doesn’t improve at least 1 letter grade (if they are C or below) or half-letter grade (if they are B or above) then we will refund the entirety of your three month membership. That’s our promise to you.







Two brothers. One mission. 

We are the Austin Texas Math Experts.

Founded by Brothers Andy and Eric Earle!

The Earle Brothers have made it their mission to improve math education across America. And they decided to start right here in Austin, Texas. The inspiration to build Math Tutor Austin started with an exercise in living fully that Eric Earle was doing. He read a book called “A Year to Live” in 2021. During this time the world was slowly, haltingly, emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. And the book made Eric think a lot about the meaning of his life. He decided that if he only had a year left to live, that he wanted to make an impact and leave a mark on the world. So, together with his brother, he built Math Tutor Austin. Eric wanted to change and improve the education system in Austin, Texas. And he specifically wanted to focus on mathematics education because math is the subject that was once hardest for him to learn. 

Growing up, Eric always struggled with math. He never understood it — even in elementary school. And he just fell behind. Eric didn’t have the benefit of a personal 1 on 1 mathematics tutor. Looking back, he says, “If I would have just had a math tutor, I would have done really well.” But it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he first hired a math tutor! And once he did…. things started to turn around dramatically. He learned that he enjoyed mathematics! He discovered that he was good at it. And so his life-changing journey was underway. Eric spent years as a post-bac student taking mathematics courses from pre-algebra all the way through calculus II. He earned straight A’s in all of his courses, and often sat at the very top of his class. He credits his success to the great tutors that he had—and also to the instructors who taught him at Portland State. He noticed that the best teachers taught with “active learning” strategies — and they also focused on teaching the whole student, the whole learner. 

Slowly, Eric began to incorporate these learning strategies into his own tutoring sessions. Eric noticed that his own clients began improving at a faster and faster rate. This is when Eric knew that one of his major missions in life was to help improve math education across America. It was clear to Eric and Andy that Austin, Texas was where they wanted to have an impact on mathematics education. Eric had spent hours reading about TEKS & about math education standards in Texas. The Earle brothers knew that this was a city where they could make a mark. So, together, Eric and Andy launched Math Tutor Austin in 2021.  





Free Tutoring Session

Click below to sign up for your free tutoring session. We never use salespeople or hard-pressure sales tactics. We don’t believe in that. And we don’t sell large packages of tutoring either. We offer a free session to all residents of Austin, Texas. All of our memberships are backed by a money back guarantee. The sessions never expire. And, if you have any sessions left over, we will refund you for those. That’s just the right thing to do!







3 hours per week

$1,070 /mo.

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Better math grade guaranteed


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Professional goal setting


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Academic coaching


Our Philosophy 

We believe that companies should be focused on helping people, not selling people things they don’t need. 

Our founders—Eric and Andy Earle—set out to build the most customer-centric local tutoring company to ever exist. 

This—of course—means that we are here to serve you. We created a customer support team that is easy to reach. We designed a simple membership so that you can relax and watch as your son or daughter begins learning math each and every week. 

We know from experience that learning is hard. It takes time. It takes weekly effort! That’s why we designed our tutoring memberships focused around this. Simply choose the number of hours that you’d like to use each week, and you’re ready to go 🙂 

One of our most important beliefs is that students should learn math actively. This means that we attempt to ENGAGE our students. We never lecture at them. We ask them questions and get our students engaged. 

Try a completely free tutoring session on us. 


founded with love

Who knew that a local mathematics company could be built and founded upon the principle of love?

Some may call this madness—but we simply call it love.

Most large tutoring companies only want to sell you things and make money from you. 

We think that’s a terrible way to live life.

We believe that people and families are what matter most in this world. It takes a company founded by a family to know this!

Our company was started by the Earle brothers. They built this local Austin company with the vast and expanding love in their hearts.

Lighting-quick support

Do you get exhausted and frustrated trying to reach company support teams?

We do, too.

We believe contacting customer support should be simple, quick, and easy. So feel free to email us anytime.

We are here to serve you 🙂

We believe that companies should be built on the core idea of helping people—of serving people. 

We would rather serve you and make you happy, than make money from you.

That’s what we’re about.

We want to make Austin, Texas a better, more stress-free city.


At Math Tutor Austin we employ an active learning approach. This means that instead of lecturing or talking at your child—we seek to engage your student. We ask questions. We get them talking. Our approach is based on the latest most cutting-edge scientific research showing that students learn mathematics best when they hear themselves verbalize their own mathematical thinking. 


Initial e-mail

The first step is simple. Send us an email to request your free tutoring session. During this initial email exchange we will ask you questions to determine exactly what your child is struggling with. This will help us match your child with the perfect tutor. 


Enjoy Your Free In-Home Tutoring Session

We will send the perfect tutor out to your home, completely free. Note: this is not a “consultation.” We aren’t sending a salesman to your house to try and sell you crap. We are sending an actual local Austin mathematics tutor to your home. They are a math expert! They hate sales as much you (and we!) do. During this free session you will have 60 minutes with one of our hand-selected mathematics tutors. 

Get your kid ready to learn! Please make sure they are fed and hydrated and that they slept well the night before. Please ensure that there is a quiet place to work. This is going to be an engaging initial session. Our tutor will be asking questions, getting your student talking, and they will both be discovering exactly what it is your student needs more help with. 


Choose a Flexible Math Membership

Simply select the number of hours per week that you would like to work with your new tutor. Most of the time families select 2-3 hours per week. But this depends on your specific situation. If your student is already doing pretty good in math, but simply needs more a maintenance plan, then 1 hour per week might be all they need.

We are happy to discuss this with you further and help you decide. 

The great thing is that our memberships are super flexible. We don’t believe in trying to lock clients into long-term contracts. So our membership is month-to-month. You can cancel anytime. Furthermore, the tutoring sessions you purchase will never expire. The sessions are for you. They are yours to keep and use whenever you want (even if you have cancelled your membership, sessions won’t ever expire). Additionally, if you have left-over sessions remaining and you no longer need tutoring, we would be happy to refund you for those hours. 🙂 

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